Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gillard in damage control

Adelaide press conference

There sure are a lot of disillusioned and cranky people phoning Madonna King's radio program thismorning about the Adelaide Damage Control Press Conference...

This is all I can find on it at the moment. I'm sure there'll be more later... The Aus.

Worth listening to for the disintegration of the image... and the admission that she was across all the failed schemes of Rudd Government...


Skeeter said...

Watched the whole thing on ABC 24.
Her home-town media shredded her.
The question of the day: Did she object to pension increases on the basis that old people did not vote Labor?
That question was asked four times. She dodged it in her usual duplicitous style the first two times, but realised it was not going to go away and eventually denied it when asked the third and fourth times.
Let's hope that the leaker can now come up with proof that she did object to pension increases on that basis.
The channel for the leak, Laurie Oakes, will no doubt be working on that story right now.

Anonymous said...

I "admire" her for one thing, she can talk for an hour and after she finished, you ask yourself: what did she say?

All politicians do it but she perfected it to a degree not before heard.


~~Just Me in T~~ said...

Is this going to be a gender election people? That would be a grave mistake I believe. Issues and policies are the important things here, and not who has the sexiest ankles or the prettiest hair colouring!

It’s not very long ago that the American People voted in their First African American President – on a platform of ‘change’. I would guess that non white Americans were delirious when Barack Obama was sworn in as their 44th President, praying for, pleading for and dreaming of great changes that would be of immense benefit to themselves.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

The fact she is female is irrelevant, that she is duplicious and untrustworthy is relevant. Laying straight in bed would be a major challenge for this politician. Her worth and words has been proved in deeds and found wanting. I believe that this Gillard women is not up to the task.

Mr. Bingley said...

Geesh, ya'll seem to be having our sort of luck with politicians.

Merilyn said...

Of course she [Julia] was accross everything, she was in the "gang" of four who ran everything, and her own policies were failures all the way down the line, e.g. the BER, boat people, [yes that was one of her policies, just tweaked about the edges] school computers, etc.
About time the media started waking up to the fact she never actually answers the questions, but talks all around it.