Saturday, July 31, 2010

Floyd will be two tomorrow!

I've been flat out at work so haven't posted anything.

The election campaign is a shambles, I'm unsurprised by the number of numbnuts who will still vote for the ALP despite their ineptitude and blatant failures over the past three years.

I'm sick of the lying advertisements for the ALP, against Tony Abbott, dribbling about WorkChoices. They are on in every ad break. The ALP can't afford publicity like that, more's the pity.

Floyd will be two tomorrow, he's been carrying on strangely tonight - like he did when the snake was out there. But there doesn't seem to be any snake. We've had two warm days in a row, 27C each, but rain yesterday and overcast and humid today.

If I get a chance I'll take some pics of him tomorrow. Depends on whether I get any work done about the place.


Merilyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLOYD! Hope Kae gives you a nice big bone.
Yep the weather improved AFTER I left the Gold Coast, had a fair bit of rain the first few days, there and on the Sunshine Coast, on Friday it was beautiful, just as we were leaving.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Happy Birthday Floyd the Wonder Dog :)