Sunday, August 1, 2010

Insiders 1/8/10

Should be a hoot.

Just watched Laurie Oaks interview Tony Abbott on 9, lets see what's going to happen today on Insiders with the ALP not looking very good in the polls.

It's about Gillard's not supporting the pension rise etc. And about the leaking from the ALP.

Kevin is an honourable person, he's just a bit strange. OK. A lot strange.

Lenore Taylor

The adenoidal Depootee PM is the guest on Insiders today.

Anyone else think that Wayne Swan is being fed his facts and figures in the interview? With the stops and starts happening it seems like he is. Oh, it's been explained as feedback/echo down the line.

Will Marr put a sock in it? (Marr thinks he's important, perhaps even the centre of the Universe - loud and proud is the expression I think. He's got a head of hair many would die for, though.)

Lenore is defending the attendance of Gillard's body guard instead of Gillard at a security meeting. She said that a pollie's body guard would be better than your average bouncer and would have a degree or a PhD... (what utter rot!).

Julia still sounds like a bogan.

The image of Gillard...
Abbott's body shape might excite you (Marr) somewhat
(from Piers, a pearler, but Marr denies it - guess athletic isn't Marr's type).

Marr talks about the ALP's failure to launch which will enable them to have their staff on the public purse for weeks.

Talking pictures is hammering the Abbot "use" of his family - I guess it's seen to be unfair when you have no spouse and kids to tout for you... Poor Julia - everyone's out to outshine her... which isn't hard. Then they go onto AWW's Gillard spread - the cartoon host says that they weren't touched up, or minimally touched up... WHAT?!

Oh f'king great. Now my picture's gone to crap. No reception. I'm so glad we have digital now. I couldn't watch something on ABC last night because the reception was crap.


Anonymous said...

Hi kae,
Tried to watch it, I simply can't!
That fellow Marr is just too much.
See what you make of him?

Even Barry is showing his true colours.

Happy B to Floyd


Wand said...

Well I watched bits of it and found what I did see somewhat boring and predictable. Actually my guess with the election is that the electorate may have turned off - with Julia - but obviously time will tell.
Interestingly I notice that the one (token) conservative commentator is getting more air time on Insiders these days. And even a little more time on Q&A for the sometimes two conservatives! What is happening with the poor ABC!

And now that it is a nice balmy day here in Sydney I'm going for a bike ride. And hey, have you noticed the mantra ascribing every warm day to global warming seems to be disappearing below the horizon too! Oh joy of joys ...

But more importantly for us is the rise of Islam - and I posted a comment over at Boltas on his thread Why it's worth the fight. And I recommend regularly reading the links that Kae has to the other blogs Jihad Watch, Winds of Jihad as well as Vlad Tepes, Atlas Shrugs, and Gates of Vienna. Oh and here's a tidy summary.