Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you a recreational fisher?

Well, that might be coming to an end if proposed marine parks are set up.

Currently it looks like many of the favourite recreational fishing areas are being assessed...

I saw this in my local fish shop and had to search for the link.


wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Taking a small tinnie out into the briny deep and dangling a hook, may soon be fraught with dangers. My earlier experience in life shows that a shot gun on fishing trips is oft all that is needed to protect ones self from marauding eco freaks and thought police.
Having been threatened in the past by eco freaks in the wake of ash wednesday, also found a chain saw to be useful in settling arguments. These fools will lock up our farm land and our oceans if we let them.

We already have governments and the greater part of the public service using newspeak, When are the people going to rise up against this nonsense???

Patrick Carroll said...

Pretty soon there will be no more room allocated for us poor human beings on this planet!

Gimmie that shotgun and line up those eco-freaks!