Monday, August 30, 2010

Houdi, ah, Floyd on the loose again

This morning I woke up to hear... nothing. No noise from Floyd. Usually he woofs at about 6:30 or 7ish to let me know it's time for his morning biscuit.

There was a strange barking, sounded a bit muffled... I was concerned that one of the dogs had got a tick... I wondered if Floyd had got off and managed to pick up a tick.

It was a day off today in lieu of Open Day so that I could finish my application for another job... arrgh! I pulled on some clothes and checked under the pergola... hmmm. Rope coiled a bit, the dogclip busted (just the ring bit with the rope through it). No Floyd.


I called to him and he came a-runnin'. All wet. It had been a foggy morning and the grass was quite wet, it needs mowing, as usual.

There's a eucalypt, peppermint scented gum, planted near Meggie's yard and I have to clean out her water and food bowl because the tree is full of grubs and not only do they crap in the bowls they fall into them, too. Grrr. When I went to clean them out I saw what Floyd had been up to all morning, and probably part of the night. There were parts where the grass was torn up from his high-speed turns, chasing Meggie in her yard, running around the perimeter fence. Then there were the skids in the grass clippings from the high-speed turns at the side of the house.

He's a funny little boy that one.


Merilyn said...

Good one Floyd! It was fun wasn't it? Heh.

Windsmoke. said...

Tying a dog up all the time makes them go mental just like it would if you were, sounds like he had a ball good on ya Floyd.

bingbing said...

That's why there's catnip, but not dognip.

Anonymous said...


I agree, never understood, or missed the reason why one dog needs to be tied up all the time while the other two were free to roam in the dog run?

No criticism as such, just puzzled.


I would never keep a bird in a cage either, and am not a greeny or some such.

kae said...


I have neighbours who had two rottweilers. They're dead now, destroyed by the council. One was always tied up on a short rope, unless he was let into the dog pen (ie chicken coop) where the bitch was kept. All their rottweilers have been mad. Noone ever played with them or spent time with them, they were used to breed.

One of their rottweilers got into my yard and attacked Bundy and Katie years ago. The two most recent ones from up the back tore the dog next door to pieces through the fence.

They've still got a dog tied up out the front.

Floyd's an adventurer, he climbs fences and leaps gates. He's very friendly, loves people and other dogs. I am concerned when I am not here or at night that he would venture out of the yard and visit the neighbours - and they both have young children. He wouldn't hurt them, but will race over to people and other dogs to say hello, and he's big, and so scary.

I'd be heartbroken if anything happened to him.

The grass is also long down the back and I have bandicoots, so there's a threat of ticks.

Windsmoke. said...

When you own a dog you are the master not the other way around. Obedience school is a option.

Merilyn said...

Windsmoke this is Kae's dog, don't you think she knows what is best for it?
Kae loves her dogs and their welfare is her main concern.

Windsmoke. said...

To Merilyn point taken and noted.

missred said...

i like floyd ;)