Thursday, August 26, 2010


This August has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, all in one month. It happens once in 823 years.

I wanted to let you know now because I'll probably miss it next time.
OK I've deleted the additional post - dunno how that happened, they were posted at exactly the same time, 10:44pm, so probably a blogger glitch.

I've a lot on my plate at the moment. It looks like six months after I've secured another job after being "redundified" from one school, I'm back in the same boat again. There's a big restructure happening at the rural campus I am at and four schools are being blended into a superschool under the science faculty. For my level job there will be three positions. There are five people at my level.



SezaGeoff said...

Now look what you've done - it now has ten of each!(because of the double post) 5 Tuesdays is always important to me, as the motorcycle club meets on the first, third and fifth Tuesday, so I get in more beers when there is a fifth! Didn't think of the other days, though.

Anonymous said...

because I'll probably miss it next time

ye of little faith!


Merilyn said...

LOL.........thanks Kae you made my day!!!

Anonymous said...

can you apply for a lower level job as well?

Only as a last resort, or would this give an indication of desperation and make it harder?

Just asking, never been there myself being self employed


kae said...

I'll explain more later. Timetabling... arrgh!

I'm a level 4, but the job I'm doing is a level 5 everywhere else, it would have been reclassified if the big restructure wasn't happening. There are five level 4 people and in the new plan there are only three positions. A few academic admin people have complained that three will not be enough positions to look after the volume of work... we shall see what happens. I don't know that they've taken into consideration the external students and the amount of work on Electronic Course Profiles done by some of the academic admin people for the academics.

There's a same level job going in a section which isn't changing and I should apply for that while I'm at it this weekend (due in 31/8/10), but they will be swamped with applications from people I'd imagine. I'll see.

If you lose your position due to a restructure they must find you another job within the organisation, but the problem lies in that you may not like the other job or it may be on a different campus (it's the same with many very large organisations), they can't just say "Your job is gone, bye bye".

More later....

Merilyn said...

Well with whatever happens Kae, hope it works out for you.

Windsmoke. said...

So why doesn't August have 5 weeks in it then?. Good luck with your job.

Skeeter said...

For 20 years I was on a 4-weekly pay cycle. You get used to working out monthly budgets.
One calendar month in each year, you get two pay-days. (52 weeks divided by 4 = 13 pay-days per year.)
I really enjoyed the feeling of great wealth in those double pay months.

Best wishes for an even better job out of your upheaval. Is there a Gold Coast campus?

kae said...

I wish, Skeeter.
It would be nice to be closer to the ocean!
And the family.