Thursday, August 5, 2010

Interesting talking point about Tobacco companies and election advertising

The ALP is whinging about the tobacco companies putting up anti-government advertisements... they are whining that the Tobacco companies are being used by the coalition to spruik the coalition cause. They are complaining that this isn't fair... that the coalition shouldn't be supported by the tobacco companies...

I don't hear a peep about the anti-coalition advertisements bombarding us in our loungerooms in almost every advertisement break which are paid for by the unions, and which are directly supported by the ALP.

Read about it here.


1735099 said...

Ads won't kill you - smoking will. The Coalition getting into bed with big tobacco is unsurprising.

Merilyn said...

Actually sure Abbott said the other day, that the ads have nothing to do with the Liberal Party, they are independent of any political group.

1735099 said...

Oh Yeah?
From a report on 4th August -
"Most of the campaign is being paid for by tobacco giants British American Tobacco and Philip Morris, who between them have donated $2.5 million to the Liberal Party over the past 10 years.

Liberal Party pollsters and advisers Crosby Textor are believed to be the architects of the research behind the campaign.

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