Sunday, August 22, 2010

McWho blames... everyone else

Here you go.

Sorry about the advert.


bruce said...

Princess McYou really doesn't get it. In the adjoining western Sydney electorate the candidate David Bradbury's pic is everywhere. I'd say he's one of the nicest ALP people, charming, apparently humble, very hard working. Even his opponents like him. So he probably got back in against overwhelming odds - local ALP corruption scandal, swing of 25% vs ALP.

The Princess doesn't know how to work an electorate. Of course they rejected her.

Wand said...

Maybe she can get her old job back at their ABC because O'Brien has said, "A slight swing to the ABC, er, I mean ALP."

Wait a minute, I can see it now - a modern version of the Return of the Prodigal Son. Say their ABC could make a mini-series with the material! Gold.

Merilyn said...

It's always easier to blame everyone else except your self, in Mcwho's case she was far to lazy to look after the people who voted for her, think she just expected the Green vote to keep getting her over the line.

kae said...

Hi Bruce, Wand & Merilyn
My personal email has been off the air since Sunday AM, there was a fire at UQ which has caused havoc, not only to private mail services but also within the data systems used by UQ.
Anyhoo, my Aunt dislikes Max McWHo intensely because she talks down to people and is really snooty.
I think it's great that she's gorn!

Egg said...

Methinks she's genuinely Max McClueless* that her electorate has rejected her wholesale and is earnestly searching for a reason as to why her electorate performed so badly...

*She has been so cosseted by Aunty.