Monday, August 23, 2010

Q&A 23/8/10

Let's see if the blood flows....

Oh wait.... who's on?

Tonight's panellists
Mark Arbib - NSW Senator will not appear tonight, a comment from the PM
Malcolm Turnbull - former Liberal leader
Sarah Hanson-Young - Greens Senator
Tony Windsor - Independent Member for New England
Janet Albrechtsen - opinion columnist
Graham Richardson - Labor identity

Oh, look... Arbib's (been) pulled out.

Comment from the Prime Minister. The PM has written him a note.

Comment from the Prime Minister

I have made it clear that this is not a time for campaign analysis. The focus of Labor’s ministerial team must be on providing stable and effective government and discussing Labor’s positive plan for the nation’s future.

Consequently I have requested and Senator Arbib has agreed to not appear on Q & A tonight which is focussed solely on campaign analysis. I have requested Labor Backbencher David Bradbury to represent the Labor team on the panel.
I don't know if I can tolerate Hanson-Dumb. When asked a second question by Tone he asked her to stick with the question. A drinking game. Every time she says "kinda", chug!

Richo - the Q&A audiences are unpredictable. Richo, what Q&A are you talking about?

Turnbull's statement about removing donations except from individuals - a good idea, but how will they stop the unions from their advertising? They're bottomless pits of money.

Tweet of the night...

@To accurately represent Mark Arbib that empty chair should be spinning.@

On dear, Windsor is a supporter of doing something about AGW, just in case.


Mr. Bingley said...

@To accurately represent Mark Arbib that empty chair should be spinning.@

hehehe, that's pretty good.

Windsmoke. said...

As the saying goes " Loose lips, sinks ships".

TimT said...

Good on the ABC for standing up to Gillard. Bad sign for the ALP when even the taxpayer-funded network doesn't support you?