Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prescription only baby formula!

This researcher was interviewed on radio thismorning, she said that they support women in their decision on how to feed their baby....

So why do they want to make women go to the doctor to be prescribed baby food?

That's just an expansion of the guilt that is placed on mothers to breastfeed their babies.

I had a friend who tried for two months to breast feed her son. He lost so much weight that he looked like a baby from a "Save the Children Fund" advert, you know the ones using the images of the starving babies in a famine ravaged third world country. He had no fat on him at all.

She was traumatised by guilt and feelings of inadequacy - she was breast feeding him, but he wasn't gaining weight. I'll bet his alarming weight loss wasn't considered by those who advised her to "persist".


Anonymous said...

I fully support breastfeeding but it is pathetic that fanatics like that make those stupid suggestions.

My wife has a friend with a baby. When the baby was first born it rapidly lost weight for almost a week. The midwives would have let it starve to death rather than advised her that she wasn't producing milk. Anything to avoid the dreaded lack of breast feeding. Fortunately she asked the right questions.

Merilyn said...

It's a personal choice and that's the way it should be. Not up to some staff who think you should toe their line.

Anonymous said...

How DID we survive as a species without all the "experts" to help us and tell us what we need. ALL options should be offered, then a bit of personal experience if warranted. Hard-line opinion can be kept to themselves.

Granddaughter was breast fed for less than a week. Made her bottles myself, fed her pretty regular myself, especially after Daughter went to work. Daddy and Grandpa could bear some of the "burden," too and loved it. They have so many great options on formula now, with added stuff and non-milk-based stuff, it's a real wonder, NONE of it by Rx, which is a frightening idea to me. My Pixie seems no worse for it, far as I can tell now that she's nearly 3.

Keep it simple, it'll work well.

3point142 said...

My wife and I had a daughter recently. We were told when we take her home "make sure she has a hat on. Always put a hat on her because babies lose heat through the head" etc. First midwife visit and we're told: never put a hat on the baby. Second midwife visit (different woman): Put a hat on the baby. This is just one example of many contradictions we heard from different people who are 'experts' in this. I guess the message is that you really need to ask yourself what seems right before you just accept someone else's opinions on matters as important as your baby's wellbeing.