Thursday, September 23, 2010

We can't trust Abbott, says Gillard...

Yeah, whatever you say Julia.


Merilyn said...

I'd trust Abbott any day, before trusting Julia......this lady can't even keep simple election promises, forgets that she run up the highest waste of taxpayers money, on the BER's, wants to waste even more on the NBN, slug us for a "Carbon Tax" and and ETS, and signs agreements with the Greens, without telling the electors what that agreement entails. Bah!

Merilyn said...

P.S."Can't trust Abbott", says the lady who "back stabbed" a sitting PM.

Wand said...

The interesting thing about this "You can't trust Abbott" is that it is about the role of the Speaker in Federal parliament and Abbott (correctly in my view) saying the pairing the Speaker is constitutionally unsound. IMO the Libs should never have agreed to this idea in the first place because the constitution lays out that the parliament selects one of its number to act as Speaker. The Speaker does not vote except when a vote is tied and then the Speaker has a casting vote.

It's quite obvious that if the speaker was paired, then if there was a tied vote, the Speaker would get a second (this time) casting vote. The gratuitous advice from the Solicitor General notwithstanding.

So Gillard is bleating about having to govern with a majority of one! Oh dear, that's the way the system works and it is why a government requires the support of 76 members in the house so that they can be assured of carrying the parliament after a Speaker is appointed. Well Jooolya has a guarantee of supply from the three Amigos .. and wanted to have a buffer of an extra vote to guard against their not supporting her on every matter. Tut tut.. Isn't politics hard ... wait that's what Krudd kept saying or muttering .. it's hard, making tough decisions, roll up the sleeves etc ... your turn now Jooolya... You have all my sympathy.../sarc

Wand said...

Correction - Jooolya has a guarantee of supply from two of the three Amigos ... but just look at some of the vitriol from the sycophant labor journalists in the papers this morning! LOL

This story is amusing if only for some of the comments.

But potentially there's more ...Coalition threatens pairing convention allowing ministers to be absent during parliament. Oh dear! I mused when Jooolya was to be commissioned as PM that maybe the best thing for Krudd would be to be foreign minister having to remain in parliament house to cast his vote! And that may just happen .. unless he deliberately is absent on occasions!

We could be in for a fun time.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

I read your comments on Tim Blairs blog you are a good woman.