Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's on again - tonight.
The last time with F111 dump-and-burn.

I could have gone in to see it from an excellent vantage point, but I'm just too pooped to be driving home afterward.

Tweets, see #F111 or #riverfire

Here's a youtube search with a stack of F111 Riverfire 2010 videos. (Sorry, don't have time to find the best ones!)

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wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

A much maligned aircraft when first introduced, a few teething problems, many sorted by Australian ingenuity. Turned out to be a top class long life, front line machine. Our neighbours held them in fear, thirty years ago a good thing.
They retire gracefully, having been our front line for four decades. The FA-18 is good but many things the F1-11 could do will be missed. Our crews will be safer with our new aircraft and that is a blessing.