Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toast in Lyne


Check out the comments.


stackja1945 said...

He did not tell his electorate before the election that he would join Labor. How's Fred Lips Labor 13.48% feel?

1735099 said...

He hasn't "joined Labor". If the people in his electorate had wanted a Coalition government, they'd have voted for the Coalition candidate.
Simple sour grapes....

Windsmoke. said...

People in Mr. Oakeshotts electorate are just having a sook because he supported Labour and not the Coalition. Sounds like sour grapes to me to.

Skeeter said...

It is very clear that the people in Mr Oakeshott's electorate preferred the Coalition to Labor/Greens.
Lyne results:
Primary vote:
Oakeshott -- 47.15%
Nats -- 34.39%
Labor -- 13.49%
Greens -- 4.29%
Other ind -- 0.69%

TCP vote:
Oakeshott -- 62.73%
Nats -- 34.39%
Remainder -- 2.88%

Patrick Carroll said...

LOL...Doesn't seem as though the chap is al that popular, does it/ What a surprise!!!

Egg said...

The Lyne Lyin' Dancer...