Saturday, September 11, 2010


On Thursday night I attended Toastmasters for the first time.

It was fun. A friend invited me a few weeks ago and I agreed to go, but wasn't able to, too tired becuase of work last time it was on. This week I was still tired, but decided to make a go of it.

Funnily enough they said that I speak well... lolz. I participated in "table talk", and later was asked to comment in another section when they went around the table asking everyone "What would you do...?".

First I must tell you the joke....
(As told by another at the meeting.)

An old bloke, 82, was having trouble with his plumbing. The doctor asked him to supply a sperm sample for analysis. The gent was provided with a small specimen jar and told to bring the sample back the next day.

The next day the gent arrived at the doctor's surgery, jar in hand. The doctor inspected the jar. Nothing. It was empty.

"What happened?" asked the doctor.

The gent, 82, said "No matter what I did I couldn't do it. First I tried with my left hand, then I tried with my right hand. Nothing. Then the wife tried. First with her left hand, then her right hand. Then she used her mouth. With the teeth, without the teeth. Nothing."

The doctor looked somewhat surprised.

"So then I asked the woman next door...." said the gent.

"The next-door neighbour!" exclaimed the doctor.

"Yes," replied the gent. "First she tried her hands, then she tried her mouth, but still nothing. Couldn't get the lid of the blasted jar."

My question for the first table talk was "Who would you least like to be in parliament now?" My answer was Julia Gillard. In a stabby government she's received the poisoned chalice.

Later was a round-table question about my reaction to someone with dreadlocks and harem pants who passed all people handing out how to vote cards to take a card from the Greens, who after voting loudly proclaimed that she was affronted by the other parties representatives trying to thrust their how to vote cards upon her. Avoiding a confrontation, I said that I'd say "Sod off, swampy," under my breath.

It was a fun night (I raised a few hearty laughs).

On the way home, after 9pm. I stopped to grab a pizza from the pizza joint in the town, it was excellent.

I was ill on Friday, but I've been told something is going around.

Today I helped on the sausage sizzle stall at the local flower show. There was a parade. That was fun, too. I spent some money on plants, now I have to cut the weeds where I want to plant them.


Merilyn said...

That was wonderful, well done Kae.
Remember when weeding to think of all the people you don't like, gives it more interest, as you "yank" those weeds out.

Skeeter said...

When gardening, my dear old mum used to imagine that she was burying her enemies, along with a good helping of cow manure.
She claimed that such thoughts changed hard work with the spade into a real pleasure.

Minicapt said...

doctor tells old man he needs a urine sample.
Old man asks "How?"
Doctor, "Just piss in s cup, like one of those on that shelf."
Old Man: "From here?"