Friday, October 1, 2010

The Boneyard - aviation graveyard 7mate at 7:30 tonight

Hi all....


Anonymous said...

Watching it now kea, apart from doing a lot of other things.

Only qualified for light twins (past now) but wouldn't miss anything to do with flying and aircraft.

Pity it reminds me of the time passing so quick I hardly know where it's gone?


kae said...

Hi Orion
I wonder whether my Dad got there. He did go to the Smithsonian and WTC and other interesting places when he travelled to the US twice in the 80s.
I hoped someone would see that it was on! I watched it a few months ago, fascinating!

Anonymous said...

by the by kae, still on leave?
did you get much done?
or any?

I find it really frustrating, that now I have more time on my hands I have less time to do things I want.

I know, I know it makes no sense.


kae said...

No, finished leave on Monday. Did have yesterday off sick, sinus.
Didn't get much done at all in the yard on the week off, it was wet, wet, wet. Couldn't mow, couldn't spray with roundup.
It was not wet today, but there was no sun and a bit of wind, so it was cool, then tonight it's freezing - I've lit the fire to take the chill out of the house!! It didn't warm up at all today, usually if it's cool outside and a sunny day the house warms up, it's brick. Not today.
Mum was telling me it was freezing in Sydney last night (or was it Wednesday night? Can't remember).

Anonymous said...

never mind, always an other day.

I think you should spray the roundup whenever possible around fences and areas that are hard to get to to slash, and make it easier for yourself.

It was nice and sunny here in central Vic.

Put out all the pillows and blankets to soak in the sun.

Love that clean smell!


Glenn Mark Cassel said...

I live in close proximity to two bone yards. Mojave and Victorville. Mojave has a rather famous or infamous resident besides Burt Rutan and his company. The Gimli Glider is parked there. C-GAUN, B-767-200. It is kept company by about five or six of it's fellows here in the Desert.
Victorville is also a refurbishment location for airliners going on to second and third lives in other parts of the world.