Saturday, October 2, 2010

Record September rainfall fills SEQld dams

Wivenhoe is at 100%. Somerset is at 100%.

But the prices charged for water will not fall as the expensive drought infrastructure built by the ALP because of alarmist predictions that it wouldn't rain again (and because the dams were below 20% in total)

Part of the infrastructure. Water baby's comment is a good read.

Wivenhoe dam was built as a flood mitigation measure after the 1974 record floods in Brisbane.

Wivenhoe is so full they will be releasing water from the dam next week because while it is full it will not provide the capture required should we have more rainfill like that in 1974.

More on Wivenhoe and the Tugun desal plant here.


Anonymous said...

airplanes yesterday,
big ships today

Emma Maerks, 12 thousand containers, 125 thousand horsepower from a 14 cylinder diesel.


Just one piston from a "small" generator, not the main engine, weighs 150Kg


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the OT kae.


kae said...

Don't worry about OT, Orion.
I missed the ship show...

Minicapt said...

Pics and such:


wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Ships engines are surely wonderous one hundred year old technology. They are not diesels they are oil engines running on light sweet crude oil straight out of the ground. Wonderfully efficient and long life.
I grew up with an oil engine pump on a river, it ran on used car sump oil all day pumping water through a 3 inch pipe for a couple of gallons of free fuel. This was reliable for fifty years. That was a green pump, to do the same today with modern equipment would be 10 times less efficient.

Minicapt said...

"... light sweet crude oil straight out of the ground."
Actually, it's called "Bunker C" and it's the leftovers after the useful bits have been distilled from the crude oil. Often it must be heated in order to pump it to the engine. Furnace oil is the high quality version of this fuel.

It is relatively inexpensive though.