Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chilly Willy!

I'm sitting here thinking that it's a bit cool tonight.... when I looked during the day I think the top temp was 21C - and it's been blowing a gale last night and today. Last night there was a lot of rain for hours, too. The wind should dry it all out!

So, I'm thinking it's chilly, Willy, and the weather station temp is 13C - tomorrow's low is expected to be about 8C - break out that extra quilt, I'll need it in the morning!

Ahhh, Climate Change. Something for everyone!


Merilyn said...

We had some very pleasant Spring weather up until Thursday, Friday morning it was freezing and the rain and wind set in.
Saturday, it was a burst of Winter and this morning it is very cold again.
That is what you call the weather and it changes from time to time.
After the dry years just past we love having the rain again.

SezaGeoff said...

Get with the program Kae - it is Climate Disruption now - so anything can be caused by it! I see Bathurst and Orange are covered in snow which woould have made last weeks race interesting. And it is freezing cold and wet at Phillip Island for the Grand Prix, so I have wimped out on riding down.

kae said...

I was hot thismorning and last night, had to turn on the ceiling fan! But it did get down to 8C.
I know, I just can't keep up with the name changes!

And my 11 year old friend did her school trip to Canberra early last week and she said that her fave things were:
The War Memorial

I was amazed that she'd seen snow. I thought it was surprising to see snow in the snowfields in the very early 80s in mid September!

Merilyn said...

Just an update, now we are having quite warmish weather, [29 today, 31 tomorrow with cloud build up in the afternoon expected].
So have been able to get quite a few chores done outside. [e.g. spraying the weeds].
Did you get the mowing done Kae?

kae said...

Hi Merilyn
No. I did come home the afternoon of the only fine day and whippersnipped for about 40 minutes. Didn't put a dent in it!
Made some room in the dogyard so Meggie could find the ball when I threw it!
It was supposed to be showery yesterday but it rained most of the day.
I finally had a haircut after over 12 months got in to see my hairdresser. She does it at home. You know how it is when you find a good hairdresser!

It'll be fine tomorrow, if I get home and the grass is dry I'll climb on the mower and go a few rounds.

kae said...

I'll write a story later, I've just been too tired this week.


Merilyn said...

Tired uh, it's the Mead!!! [joke]

kae said...

Merilyn, I wish it was! I'm no good at picking the locks at Tim's place... and everyone around me seems to keep losing the keys.
The grog shop up on the range is having a sale, 1L Baileys, 1L Kahlua, 1L Tia Maria, 1L Malibu $70 for two. I'm getting 1 Baileys for me, one Kahlua for SIL, 1 Malibu for me and 1 Baileys for me. Christmas pressies. My workmate is picking them up for me.