Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daniel Morcombe Inquest

Just reading this article and after hearing what's been broadcast in the news, mostly on radio, during this inquest I am shocked at the number of suspects the police had to investigate.

I am shocked at the paedophiles hunting children to groom on the coast at the time of Daniel's disappearance (7 December 2003), and even disgusted that these hunters used photographs of children which were date stamped as alibis to rule them out as supects in the abduction and disappearance of Daniel.

The Morecombe family have waited long enough to find what happened to their son and to find where he is. At least if someone knows where he is let the authorities know. Let them grieve.

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Mehaul said...

I'm sorry, but my cynicism towards the police force due to its inherent bureaucratically induced incompetence just doesn't allow me to consider that a police force 'let off the leash' wouldn't have caught these bastards.

Right now, the person or persons who took Daniel are free. And they shouldn't be. In the States they'd be awaiting the needle.