Sunday, October 3, 2010


Some time ago I was given some honey in the comb. It's right from the nest and I've had it sitting there for some months now.

I'm going to have to strain it, I'm not sure all the cells are cut open, though. I think I'll be tying it into a piece of panty hose and letting it drain into a container.

Next weekend.

I had some Olden Golden Crumpets today with butter, peanut butter and honey. YUM.


Pedro the Ignorant said...

Fresh honey that has never been near a factory is *ahem* the "bees knees".

(Please forgive me, the devil made me write that).

kae said...

Hi Pedro
I think that some of the cells have quite a bit more than just the bees' knees!
But it is yummy honey. The bloke who gave it to the staff in little round takeaway containers said to eat it comb and all... but there's a bit more protein in some of the comb than what I like in my honey!!

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Suggestion from an old cockie of my acquaintance, Kae.

Melt the honeycomb in a saucepan over a very low heat (comb and all). Pour or spoon about a double tablespoon of the mix over a fresh toasted crumpet, consume, and then go and punch that damned troublesome ram in the back paddock right between the eyes.

Popeye and his spinach, eat your heart out.

Anonymous said...

kae said...
but there's a bit more protein in some of the comb than what I like in my honey!!
Can't see it so I'm not arguing, but as an old apiarist I can tell you categorically there is practically NO chance of the protein being little bees in the making.

They reside in a completely different part of the hive.

I usually recommend eating the comb an all.
Old apiarist

kae said...

Old apiarist
I'll take a pic tonight and blog it (if I can).
They certainly look the right shape and size to be little b's.

Anonymous said...

OK kae take your word for it.
No need for pics.

Obviously something is wrong there, either infected by some other insect, unlikely but possible since you kept it for some time, or eggs misplaced by worker bees or the apiarist made a mistake.

Besides what do have against protein?
It's good for you.
Old apiarist

kae said...

Old Apiarist
I cut one of them open last night. They look like old pollen, gone dark, almost black. Filling up the cell?
Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is possible.

Simply, what happens is that bees fill up the top two thirds, maybe a bit less of the comb with honey, then some of it below with pollen and then come the eggs.

That's why I said it's impossible to get larvae with honey, the bees just don't mix it up like that.

The bloke who has given you the comb, went too far down in the frame.

Mind you,this is a very simplistic explanation, it all depends on the type of hive used, the internal setup of frames and more.
But bees are not stupid, they don't mix up places of food and reproduction, the eggs would die in honey anyway.

Old apiarist

kae said...

Old Apiarist
Yes, it looks like only about three or four of these funny old pollen thingies are in there.
Thanks for that!