Sunday, October 3, 2010


Some months ago when I last used the ride on mower, I left it out the front because I thought I'd need to use it again pretty soon.... then winter happened and I didn't need to use it. It's an old Cox Rover, but I could never afford a new one!

As a precaution against theft (nothing's ever been stolen from here except... I'll tell you later), I removed the ignition key. I think I was on my way to work, or out, when I thought to remove the ignition key, so I put it in a temporary safe place.

Yesterday I could have mowed but wasn't 100%, so didn't. Today it's dry, after rain again last night, so I thought I'd have a burl thisafternoon.

Bloody key. I hope I can remember what I did with it.

Kitchen drawer?

Where DID I put it?


I've emailed an SOS to the Mower Shop in town that I have the machines serviced at.


Anonymous said...

not wanting to dampen your spirits, but a key to a ride-on may be important to you but to a would be thief it's not even a minor hindrance.

You can start it with a piece of wire or screwdriver.
Just leave it there next time.
Since you are most likely have a morning departure routine, it should be that likely you remember one event out of the ordinary.

Depending how long ago of course, try to connect it to some work related issue you might have thinking of on that day.

Great help I'm too!


kae said...

Hi Anon (c'mon, noone's called "Anon" really... are they?)
I'll have to try to remember where I put the thing. I am sure I was going out, and it was just to stop the opportunistic thief.
If someone really wanted to pinch it they'd only have to push it up the drive and up the street, or lift it into a ute! The battery's r'ted anyhoo and it's not used often enough to warrant another battery to go flat in a year.
I have to pull start it, but the ignition needs to be on to do that.
Dang.... where DID I put that key!?
Do you think I can even remember what it looked like!?!
Small ring through the top, square head, short key.
I'm sure there was a spare somewhere.

cav said...

Pull the key dovalacky apart - It will either screw or pop out; or you may be able to undo it from behind.

Then simply join the two wires together.

If there are three wires, just cringe as if it is about to explode when you join them up.


That'll be $50.

Merilyn said...

Gosh Kae, you are having a senior moment, hope you find that key, in the meantime is it o'k to have a chuckle?

kae said...

But Cav, what if I explode?

Merilyn, it's the lucid moments which scare me... and they're becoming few and far between!