Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's been nine years....

Since I lost my dad.

Careless of me, I know.

I've spent hours faffing around with Dreamweaver to work on the website I've said I'd look after. It'a a learning experience.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that kae, he seems to have been a fun loving bloke.

At least you can say with certainty that you knew who your father was, no mistake the family resemblance there!.

Old beekeeper.

kae said...

Yeah, Beekeeper.
It's the conk, isn't it!
Sometimes I look like Mum, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think it's more than that kae, look at the pic. the two of you facing each other and laughing?

Never saw a pic. of your mother though so can't say, read plenty of her traveling, lucky woman.

Old Beekeeper

kae said...

Old BK
That's her with Dad down the bottom. Mind you, it was about 54 years ago or so...

The laughter was after he pulled the bridal veil down over my face and said, "There. That'll keep the flies off." Nanna had made the veil and sewn lace around the back and seed pearls all around the edges. It was beautiful.

Zardoz said...

It's amazing what you find in the old box of photos in the garage.... Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.

My dad died just about the time the two of us got past all our father-son issues. We never got a chance to hang out, have a beer and get stupid.

kae said...

Dad and I were close, however we did have issues.
I remember one day he came down to the winebar I was at (I was 17 years old), to let me know that the house had been burgled and to check, when I got home, if anything of mine was missing. I was smoking in the wine bar and didn't see him, but as soon as I was warned I put out the cigarette. Too late. When he came over he told me the news and then asked why I'd put my cigarette out. I said because he was there and it was my last one. He gave me a few of his. (Craven A - YUK)

Merilyn said...

Nice family photos Kae, enjoy the memories......laughed about the smoke though.

Anonymous said...

"Anniversary" coming up for me, too, Kae. Not many pictures, it seems Perfect Little Sister has custody of those, too. Will see what I do have, probably tomorrow, to post later in the week.

Thanks for sharing these, I love the one of you two laughing.

Mehaul said...

I remember your tribute last year and can't believe that it's 12 months - seems like yesterday. September 19 is the date of my Dad's passing and it coincides with a friend's birthday. So I ring him each year mainly because of the date. Then we play golf. It's interesting what actions evolve around that one day a year when deceased Dads swings into focus. Long may the happy memories remain with you.

Anonymous said...

A fabulous collection of photos, so very reminiscent of the place in which I grew up - the house style, the garb, the simple fun of stacking the stubbies for no good reason, out behind the trailer (it seems everything was painted green in those days!)

Good on you for honouring your father so.

I am ever so pleased for my son, at 35, to have had me around. Losing Dad at 17 was just something that happened back in 1967 - we knew it may occur for a a few days before (shrapnel in the scone from Gallipoli shifted, post operative pneumonia, gone). Strongest man I have known, we were good mates.

He'd be 114 years old this year, 55 when I was born.

It was different back then. You buried them and got on with it. I turned it around and made it work well - he's been ever present.

Every important decision since got referred in terms "Would Dad be proud if I take this course or that?" My children know all of his adventurous life.

Get the shots of the two of you into a frame and onto the wall, so you can have a yarn now and then. The "closed eyes" hug speaks volumes.

Mick Gold Coast QLD

kae said...

Hi Mick!
The closed eye hug was at my 21st birthday.
The trailer is green because it's the NSW Cave Rescue Group's equipment trailer.
The people stacking stubbies are Dad, and other mates from Sydney and visitors from Chillagoe, Qld. All cavers.
The wedding ones were my wedding, the one outside was the recovery after the wedding (I think!), he's sitting in the armchair at my home at Redbank Plains in Qld in 1989, new year. I got back with the b/f who later became my ex husband.... oooh, that was a mistake!
Looking at the bottom photo of Mum and Dad, I'd say it was when he was 19 and mum was 16. Around about when they met at the Bankstown Theatrical Society.