Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Coast Watchers - PT 109

I've just finished reading The Coast Watchers by Patrick Lindsay, a birthday gift to me from me. So I was very interested to see the movie PT 109 on GEM today.

I saw the beginning and I'm watching the end now. The middle had to be missed as I needed to venture out and obtain supplies.

I can't look at anything in the book for reference purposes as I loaned it out to someone on Thursday. When my friends have finished with it I'll be putting it on the bookshelf at the RSL.


stackja1945 said...

I have a copy of The Coast Watchers by Eric Feldt which is referred to in the Official Navy History.

Ian said...

Another great read where Eric Feldt is referred to is "Hunted" By Mary Murray (wife of Captain Harry Murray) she also wrote "1000 Miles to Freedom". I followed where this amazing man went in New Ireland province New Guinea. More information here