Friday, November 5, 2010

Amazing - Janey Cutler


Merilyn said...

Thank you Kae, that was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many talents are out there?
If you are not an outgoing type, you might go through life without knowing what you could achieve.

Actually in Steptoe & Son the little bloke had an outstanding tenor voice, but as he said, it would have been a parody act had he ever became a singer.

No such luck here, I have no claim to any artistic talent, more the pity.


kae said...

Hi Merilyn
A work colleague sent it to me. I finally had the chance to listen and half watch and... well, I had to show everyone who reads this.

I always wonder about people like this who have been hidden away living their lives with hardly anyone knowing of their great talent. Look at Susan Boyle. How rich the world would have been if these people had been "discovered".

I suppose there are people like that everywhere. Not only with their entertaining talents, but the ones who have other talents, who do their jobs and go a little further to make a difference. People you never hear about, but who make a difference in the world.