Friday, November 5, 2010

Hijab, for modesty


Merilyn said...

Snort, hmmmph, heh, lol! [Naughty Kae].

Zardoz said...

A Muslim plumber on break??

Anonymous said...

@Zardoz - hahahahahaha!!!

Minicapt said...

"The crack of Dawa".


Anonymous said...

Oh I so did not need that!!

Mick Gold Coast QLD

Anonymous said...

Buggar me.

After trying to comment a year or so back, and failing (I think 'cos of the Google or OpenID categories) I have achieved the break through, although I remain officially anonymous.

G'day kae!

Mick Gold Coast QLD

skepticlawyer said...

Kae, did you take that pic yourself? You have to send it to failblog!

kae said...

Sorry Skeptic (welcome to my humble blog!) I don't know who took it.
An academic mate sent it to me.
I didn't google to check out where it came from, it was just too good to not post!

kae said...

Merilyn, you're wicked. I like that!

Hmm, a tradie advertising?

Yes, he's good too, isn't he!

LOL. But is that good or bad advertising?

Yes you did! LOL. Just to sort you out for your cheek over at Bolt's.
I haven't done anything to the blog so it must have been user error... don't worry, I do stuff like that all the time!

Surely it's already made it to failblog? It couldn't be floating around the ether and not have been captured for failblog!