Friday, November 12, 2010

Boneyard tonight - 7mate - 7:30pm

Ever wondered how they recycle wire? How they recycle batteries? Computers? Printed circuit boards?

This is a fascinating program.

Watching the electric arc furnace melting down the metals is amazing.

Humans are so clever!

(I don't have pay TV so won't see anything if it's already been on pay TV.)

The only link I can find to information on the program doesn't really tell you much, there were only 13 episodes.


Anonymous said...

Yes watched it, fascinating wasn't it?

Looks like living in the same house with you, most of the time one TV would be enough?


kae said...

Possibly, but I do watch some crap... anyway, there are three TVs here (4 if you count the CRT one!), and one of the TVs plays games.

m said...

Not Bad but if you liked that you will be over the moon with this:
Jimmy's Food Factory. The basics of food production are explained in a quite simple fashion but when seen in full scale production it really demonstrates our innate ingenuity.

This is on Iview and I defy anyone to tell me getting an egg to market is uncomplicated.