Saturday, November 13, 2010


One evening last week I stopped at friend's after work and didn't get home until after dark.

While I was taking my things out of the car later in the evening I noticed a pigeon stuck in the front grill of the bumper. Euwww. I pulled it's wing, but it was stuck. Thought "I'll take a photo of that and caption it "Oops!" to put on the blog.

Next morning, no bird. Just some wing feathers stuck to a bit of wing on the ground and some other feathers clumped and unclumped. Must've been a hungry critter... probably a local cat, but usually they find a spot to de-feather the bird as they eat it and you'll find all the feathers together. No sign of the site. I don't know what ate it. But it pinched my blogstory.


Today I'm going to lunch at a PG student's place. There will be a group of mostly PG students I think. Should be fun. And interesting food. She is from Malaysia and she visits me to have occasional five to ten minute English lessons. It's great, because we are both learning - sometimes she visits and we go on a hunt for words using the internet and I learn too! One day she was talking about food. She thought that lamb was goat, I suppose that's come from being told that lamb meat is like goat meat.

Poor woman, I'll have her speaking strine in no time - I've already got her practising the long, flat vowels of strine.


Merilyn said...

You murdered a bird.....then wanted to take a photo of it???? Oh well done!
Have a wonderful day of relaxing Kae, it will do you the world of good.

kae said...

Suicide, I tell ya, it was suicide!

Merilyn said...

Suicide eh? Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

As with pictures of my brother's surgical procedure, I'm quite glad your photo opportunity was lost. Queasy tum here tonight, I think.

LOVE the Floyd and Flower pics, though!

kae said...

Hi kc
It wasn't an icky photo, no mess...