Saturday, November 13, 2010

That Yul Brynner really got around!

Tarus Bulba

King of Siam.

Chief Black Eagle



I even saw one of his old movies the other day with hair!

Anyway, I always had a bit of a crush on him. Hair or no hair.


Anonymous said...

Makes 2 of us. You left out "Magnificent Seven" and (meh) "WestWorld!"

kae said...

Hi kc
I was looking at the characters he'd played, everyone from biblical to, er, Red Indian, to Cossack!

Anonymous said...

To Robot (WestWorld was probably well left out). And Gunslinger.

I see your classification, he was much more versatile than most people remember, I think.

Anonymous said...

That comment doesn't look at all right now. Your classification AND the roles I mention are fairly similar. How much difference is there between a Cossack and a hired gunslinger, after all? His level of humour in King and I was a pleasant surprise to MANY of his fans, I think (like my mum).

Typecast, or playing to his strengths?