Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mighty Ships 7mate now

This is a fascinating program, tonight it's a ship taking cattle from Darwin, Australia, to Indonesia. I've seen the end of it before I think, but not the start.



Anonymous said...

It's scary!

Did you follow up with Air Disasters?

Luckiest bloke alive I tells ya!

kae said...

Hi LouMac
We're watching the one tv again!
Anyhoo, I've already seen this one... and most of the others, but sometimes there's a new one on.

I have two "magazine" books of Air Disasters. They're fascinating. I've always been interested in forensics and figuring out after something happens what actually happened. Love the true-life forensic programs. Hate CSI etc becuase mostly they're bullcrap.

I really do love happy endings... and if that's not possible, knowing what happened so it can be ensured that it won't happen to anyone else ever again.

I loved the landing of the jet on the Hudson! Amazing. That pilot was great - doing his job, yes, but that training has paid off in the lives saved on the flight.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch much TV at all, or more precisely didn't, but with these new extra channels and programming, they put on shows I'm interested in.

Even so I'm doing a half a dozen other things, I have the TV on one of my monitors, (shame on me but I use three monitors not being green at all)

Yes, training got me through many thing, with hindsight I think I couldn't have done.
But that what training is for!

And I must admit I was lucky more than once to get out of situations alive, and to this day I don't know why, so I'm hoping to find out what was I spared for?
Can't be much, knowing myself, maybe it just that LUCK, don't knock it!
My dad used to say "a handful of luck is worth more than an a..sful of brain"

Whatever that may mean?

have a good night, have to go to bed, up at 4 AM tomorrow going to Bendigo and visiting friends in my old place Malmsbury (Drummond actually)
Look up Zig Zag Rd on Google earth and you'll find a couple of vineyards on the left, the first one is, was ours, built the house myself planted the vines the trees ourselves, only half of what there is now but.
Oh the memories!

See ya


kae said...

Have a lovely day, I'll check it out.

I have to do stuff around the house and faff about with the RSL website... gotta put some stuff up, my new version of Dreamweaver has arrived and I have the sikkrit password.

It was overcast and humid today. And I discovered rendang - no chilli! Yum!