Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flat out

I'm flat strap at work, the timetable needs to be checked, we have to vacate one-and-a-half levels in one building by this Friday as some mob's taking them over and they have to be renovated. There's exams this week and next and they want the rooms by the end of this week - I'm sure they won't be doing too much renovating between now and the end of the exams. Semester starts in the first week of March, with O-week the last week in Feb. Arrgh! And I have to organise all of the O-week stuff for next year which is after the restructure and.... and.... and.....

Well, we really don't know what's happening next year. There's four people for two jobs at one level and three people for two jobs at another level - everyone else seems to be OK. Just wait and see, but prepare everything as best as possible in the school for the huge amalgamated super school.


Then after all that on Jan 1 2011 when the new super school starts up, there's going to be a rehash-vamp-thingy of all the programs and courses. Oh goodie.

Someone seemed a bit stunned that we didn't start the timetable from scratch every semester. We roll it over and then make sure there's no clashes with core courses and the most popular courses (the ones with the highest enrolments), and ensure that academics can fit into the times and then adjust that to fit.

Friday is the RSL meeting... Today was a presentation at the local state school from the CO of 6RAR, but I couldn't go to it, work commitments. Exam uploads start in two weeks and the timetable is a bit of a mess - and all my research higher degree students files need to be brought up to date (fortunately we have someone two days a week who will help with exam uploads and is helping to get my files up to date - some filing is left from 2009). The reason the filing was so far behind was that the data was supposed to be entered into a data base which was holding up the filing. Noone uses the database in the school and it was soooooo out of date. Eventually it was decided to ditch the data base. I have a spreadsheet instead.

Procedures have to be written for all the parts of my job, there are some but they are patchy and not step-by-step.

I've been working on an induction email for new students.... we had a 1 inch ring binder with the induction info in it, but the problem is that the forms change and things are updated so we really need to give them an email with links, or a webpage with all the links to what they need. There's something like that for undergrads, but not for PGs, as each school is different.

Arrrgh, again.

Every day I'm exhausted. I have heaps of links and lots to say, but just too pooped to think straight.

And I've got Toastmasters on Thu night and I must present "The Word".


Minicapt said...

So, basically forget Thursday night? And maybe Friday as well?
... Saturday?


Merilyn said...

Well the first thing you have to do is stop pulling your hair out, at this rate you will have none left by Christmas.
Remember you only have two hands, and it is better to take it step by step.