Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Roundup - heard today

Abbott attacks 'do nothing' government...
Rudd responds...
KEVIN RUDD: Well I'm not in the business of responding to Mr Abbott on anything. I would simply say this: one core fact remains which is unassailable in any objective political debate. Mr Abbott and his Liberal leader predecessors attacked the Government's response to the Global Financial Crisis, they were wrong.

The Government's response was correct because the Australian Government kept the Australian economy out of recession. Had we gone into the same recession as the rest of the world we would now be having double digit unemployment, with up to half a million more Australians out of work.

That is a fundamental, fundamental achievement of the Government over the last three years and if we look at the rest of the international economic wreckage around the world any objective mind would conclude that what the Government did was absolutely right.
Whatever you say, Kevin, whatever you say...

Third inquiry called into the deaths of Vicky Arnold and Julie-Anne Leahy.
There's more to this than was previously uncovered, I think that the investigation wasn't as thorough as it should have been.
ROBERT REID: The vehicle was removed several hours after the trail bike rider boys found it in the bush. It was removed that same evening to an open police yard at Yungaburra, a tarp was thrown over it and scenes of crime officers from Townsville didn't inspect the vehicle til the Monday morning, so it was there all over the weekend.

When they did arrive and have a look at it, it'd condensed inside the vehicle, there were no fingerprints found.

KERRIN BINNIE: There's since been six more investigations and two coronial inquests.

The inquests found Ms Arnold slashed her friend's throat, bashed her with a rock and shot her in the temple, despite suffering shotgun wounds to her own thigh, under her chin and the back of her head.

Mr Reid believes what really happened to the women is yet to be revealed.

ROBERT REID: I've yet to meet a single person that believed that Vicky, as she was alleged to have done, murdered her best friend and then killed herself. It didn't happen. It was wrong then, and it's wrong now. So hopefully this matter will be corrected.
I hope the families find the truth, because the assumptions and findings of previous inquiries have left far too many questions. Read more here.

Disendorsed Green dumps on party.
CHERYL WRAGG: While Mr Barber may be able to command the endorsement review committee to sack me within the space of 12 hours or something, he does not yet have the power to order the sun to shine for 24 hours a day and PV's aren't going to cut that and nor is wind generation at this time either.
She used to be Labor before she was Green... now she'll be independent. Read more.

Slashing immigration?

Gonna miss those pigs!

New hope for mesothelioma treatment.

That's enough for today.


Skeeter said...

Gonna miss those pigs!

You are not the only one.
They arrived after my time, but a couple of my contemporaries stayed on long enough to become involved. They extol the Pig as still ideal for Australia's defence.
In my friends' view, neither the interim F-18s, nor the future F-35s, can provide the air-superiority tasks that the F-111 is capable of.
It's all to do with the size of our country — and neighbouring geography.

Merilyn said...

Kae, do you realise that you have upset that weather god, that the greenies worship, what with slashing, whipper snipping, mowing, tree murder and we won't mention the snake, it is now raining in QLD during the cricket.
You will have to make a gesture to said god so it will cease.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

You are dead right, they are very special aircraft that have no replacement in the new crop of aircraft.
We will have only defense and no form of taking it to the enemy, whomever that may be. Back to the future I seriously doubt that the replacements could even fly to Timor and back without in air refueling, a seriously backward step in our capabilities.

Merilyn said...

O'K kae what damage did you do to yourself after all that cleanup?
On the other hand you are probably flat out as the year nears its end, right?
Oh, if it is not Tim Flannery, bringing the rain and storms here in S.A. the only other person is you when you offended the Greens pin up. Boy, you are good, I bow to you.