Thursday, December 2, 2010

Evening smells.... green

Yes. It smells green outside.

Not the green of a summer-mown lawn, but the green of several days of rain, frogs croaking.... growing green.


missred said...

oh the smell of spring..

Merilyn said...

Kae have you been bringing down more rain? [Shakes head].

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Most of OZ is now lush green and beautiful, where I live the gums have flowered constantly for 6 months and have doubled in size. The acacias are spectacular and most birds are walking a lot because they are too fat to fly.

A wonderful year of renewal after drought.

Skeeter said...

An interesting environmental side-effect of the record rains:
I have been able to reduce my carbon foot-print on two counts,

1. Considerably less petrol used in the mower this year because the ground is too boggy to mow, and
2. Ten acres of foot-high grass is absorbing heaps more CO2.

Things are looking exceedingly green around Witheren Wonglepong.

Our very large resident green frogs enjoy the acoustics of the downpipes, and their basso-profundo performances have stunned southern visitors into mid-sentence silence.

Merilyn said...

Have to say that this year our garden has never looked better, the trees and shrubs have had the most beautiful blooms, and even our fruit trees have picked up.
The River is flowing and the ferry is back to its normal starting point, [it had to have work done to get the cars on, when the River went down due to the drought].
We have been very thankful for the much needed rain, and we even heard frogs singing for the first time in about ten years, the tanks are full, so we will have water over summer for the garden to keep it going.