Monday, December 27, 2010

122 mm of rain - suck eggs, doomsters


Christmas Day was spent down the coast, the drive wasn't so bad except when on the motorway from Brisbane to GC, red lights ahead in the drizzle, but the problem wasn't an accident, but heavy squalls of rain and only delayed as long as the rain was too heavy to drive at speed through the squall, most people seemed rather sensible on the road in the rain. I left before dark so that the drive to my friend's near Ipswich was in daylight. I arrived home at about 9:30pm. I don't like driving at night when it is wet, particularly in brightly lit areas as I sometimes can't see the lines on the road.

I checked the rain gauge yesterday and it was on about 60mm. I had emptied it the Tuesday before that at 92mm and the Tuesday prior to that at 80mm. Just now I emptied it at 122mm - there's only about 4mm to go to the top of the gauge.

Driving into Ipswich (Ippy) should be interesting, we leave in about 20 minutes....


Merilyn said...

Meanwhile over in Perth they are having a heatwave, tipped to hit S.A. in the next day or so, [not looking forward to that, been enjoying the cooler Summer].
Glad you had a very nice Christmas Kae, enjoy your drive to Ipswich.

Minicapt said...

Local ski hill now claims snowbase of 5.2m.