Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No weed spraying today

Ok, I arrive home from delivering the car for its 70k service, and wonder where on earth to start... the radio announcer has said that the rain is on its way - and already it's quite cloudy, becoming overcast. Maybe I'll have time to spray those grassy bits that I can't mow and are too awkward to hit with the brushcutter.

So I go outside and look at the back pack sprayer, which is full of roundup ready to go from a few weeks ago, between rain breaks when I last sprayed....

Anyhoo, the bottom of the backpack is clogged with sticky webs and dead beetles and so on, and the web is really sticky and untidy... redback? Can’t see one anywhere... poke with shaft of grass (greenpanic, not a limp blade of grass), no good. Tip over, look and poke further... can’t get that stuff outta there... the roundup is leaking out the little breather hole in the lid. The backpack is a 15 litre hand pump sprayer. I think it's 15L, might be more, but I can't lift that much!

Dosed the bottom of the backpack with about 1 litre of flyspray. Left it. Now it’s probably too late to spray anyway...not sure if the spider is dead... don’t like spiders or snakes. I think because they’re silent. Only poisonous spiders and snakes of course.

Cleaned out back gutter instead (it was clean it out or get the mower on the roof!!) Notice that the colour is coming off the colourbond....surely that’s a bad sign...


I've arrived back from picking my car up after its service. It needed an aircon pollen filter on top of the service. It began to rain as I got in the car at home to go pick my car up and by the time I picked up some dogfood and drove home, about an hour in all, there were puddles on the road and there was a fine mist of rain falling.

And I think my face and top of my head got sunburnt cleaning out the gutter.


Merilyn said...

"Rain drops keep falling on my head......." boy you really are getting good rain up there.

Minicapt said...


cav said...

Hi Kae

Merry Christmas

I enjoy visiting your site, I'd pop into your place for a beer only you are too far away and I couldn't be bothered anyway.


Wand said...

Hi Kae,

I've also dropped in to wish you a Merry Christmas. Hope you have a nice enjoyable day.

- here in Sydney and this year will have Christmas dinner with the whole family - first time for several years!

Merilyn said...

Yep Cav and Wand it is Christmas Eve, perhaps we could all drop in [in spirit] to have a drink with Kae, and to wish her all the best for having a wonderful blog, so to you Kae, Meg and Floyd, Merry Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year to you kae.