Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two hours of mowing - nary a dent in the job

Yes. Two hours of mowing from 5pm to 7pm...

Some bits were missed because the ground is so boggy, there's still water lying in the driveway from the side of the house. The grass is so green and sticky that it's clogging the mower a bit, it's only aboout - er, between a foot and 18 inches tall in the dogyard, about 18 inches over the septic soak pit.

Why are there patches of grass which just grow and grow and grow, where other patches are a little more steady. And always in the awkward parts of the yard.

I'll have to round some of it up tomorrow before I do more stuff in the house, while it's cool. Then I have to take my car over for its 70k service. Then back home to do more demessifying the house.

Shoulder's killing me, and the dress I have on is too awkward to easily put the voltaren on the shoulder, that's the usual sore shoulder drill after my evening shower.

My brother tells me I should get a chain saw. Der. I'd probably cut me leg off or something. There are a few shrubs which need drastic pruning and dosing with roundup. Mock orange is driving me nuts, taking over the garden, and there is a grevillea leaning over the top of the shed, I'm sure if I cut it when it falls it will rip the guttering off. (Well, at least without then the guttering won't fill up with leaves, dirt and crap.)

I'll take a photo for you tomorrow.

Someone broke into an ex-work colleague's workplace over the weekend. High on drugs he used a fire extinguisher to destroy most of the collections of museum pharmacy pieces in the building, along with large windows, the lift buttons and the library after hours return equipment. Terribly sad. Nothing in the news. He probably won't serve any time or have to pay anything back, I'm sure his drug problem will be cited as the reason for his destruction and therefore not his fault.


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Merilyn said...

Ok will try again, [senior moment before deleted what I wrote somehow......don't ask].
Sorry to hear about the break-in and the damage caused, it can be quite heart breaking for those who have to see the after effects.
You are right, the culprit will only get a "slap" on the knuckles and told "don't do it again".