Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

I just tipped out the rain gauge - 92mm in a week, this time last week I tipped out the rain gauge and it was 80mm. It rained almost all day yesterday, we received 40mm from 9am to when I looked at the rainfall at about 4pm. Local rivers were flooding and everything was soggy.

Today it's windy, blue skies, and I hear the mowers starting up. I should mow, but I have too much to do inside the house at the moment!


Mr. Bingley said...

I thought Gorebal Warmening guaranteed that you guys were the next Sahara?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bingley

it's got to a stage, where whatever happens weather wise, it can and will be put down as caused by CC or "climate disruption"


Merilyn said...

Yep and the rain you are having up there is coming down to the River Muray and guess what.......the River is FULL.
Common sense should have told "them" that in a drought the River will drop, but no it was "Gorebal Warming.....thanks for that Mr Bingley", and they want to hit people with a Carbon tax......twits!

bingbing said...

But Flannery still managed to make a motza in the meantime predicting it'd be dry.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Hi Kae

It got to a blistering 18 degrees C here in summery Melbourne today, it's cold rainy & horrid.

It's pretty sad when you have to fly into a Northern Hemisphere winter to get better weather (3 days til we arrive in Kobe). :)

Skeeter said...

Who woulda thunk global warming could cause snow on the Australian Alps 5 days before Christmas. (Thredbo snow cam at 12:25 pm today).

Skeeter said...

Merilyn, there has been much discussion over the years about whether the Murray Lower Lakes would be happier if they were salt rather than fresh.

An interesting article last month in Quadrant shows that, over the millennia, they have been mostly salt:
Our society places a premium on restoring degraded and polluted places to their natural state. It is clear from the scientific literature that the Lower Lakes have a marine origin and that they could be healthy if filled with water from the Southern Ocean rather than taking fresh water from upstream which has been government policy at least since construction of the barrages. .
Last time we were on the shores of the Coorong (2006), it was filled with crystal-clear salt water.
I wonder what it looks and smells like today.

Merilyn said...

Skeeter, "they" wanted to run sea water into the whole River system, which according to those who knew the River backwards would have destoyed the whole kit and kaboodle.
Now the River is actually over the top in areas and it looks good.
We were charged a "levy" to "fix" the River, strangley not much happened, but the Labor Gov. here in its "wisdom" are building a desal area, that is way behind schedule and having lots of problems, it would have been far cheaper to build another dam or stormwater storage.

Anonymous said...

In the event you missed it at The Boltas, kae, I found what the boys harvesting outback in 2005 did to take advantage of their global raining and the resultant work down time for them ...

It's a classic - and the star is, predictably, named Dougie.

Mick Gold Coast QLD

Minicapt said...

A better snowcam: