Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brisbane flood


Mouldy said...

Hi Kae I'm getting fed up with the hyperbole as well.
It's a shame that Brissy wasn't flooded as bad as 74,now all these pollies and TV talking heads will have to try harder to sensationalise what flood they do have.
The same happened down here during the Black Sat fires,once the initial fire was over they then had to build it up even greater to justify their existence.
The people of the Lockyer Valley are about to cop it a second time but not from the water but from the State Govt.
Our Vic state govt managed to stuff the people of Marysville and Kinklake something chronic when they tried to re-build.
Marysville was the worst they made that a "crime scene" as they have now done for Grantham.
Sometimes you just want to swear very loudly at the sods!
all the best Mouldy

Anonymous said...

Channel 9 right now has two childettes earnestly twittering about the vital importance of twittering, in between the urgent pursuit of moving film of live grief by teams searching the suburbs for shocking footage (unnamed places shown, with absolutely no other information about time, place, levels, numbers, other than “Oh dear, how will people cope? Oh they are Queenslanders and they are – um – very strong”). They are barely literate.

“Thank you Shazzz. That was Shazzz reporting on the greatest record since Crowded House packed the forecourt of the Opera House.” Aaaaarghh!

This was immediately after two other Gen Vacuouses had an earnest discussion, Australian Idol like, rating the “Did she nearly shed tears? Oh I think so, she’s soooo lovely and so good at it. She’s a great leader” performance of BLie$ on TV.

They interviewed one of the Australian cricketers in Adelaide who used live in Ipswich who said it’s amazing because he remembers the Coles store. Then they amazed themselves later talking about his amazing contribution by being interviewed. From Adelaide. For 2 minutes. For no good reason.

Do Mellie/Kochie run seminars on how to do this nonsense?

I’ve given up watching last Monday’s footage interspersed with re-runs of that thing from Altona turning up to do what Bruce Pollster tells her to do – half circle hand movements and loooong vowels - to take this excellent opportunity to get its ratings up.

Praise be for unshaven blokes in stubbies with wet legs and little old ladies making tea at doss down centres who actually do stuff and have no time for the cameras.

Mick Gold Coast QLD

kae said...

Yes, I agree!

Aerial shots of... well, who the hell knows, but it's good TV, while someone gobs off about... well, crap.

The banner at the bottom third of the screen is bloody annoying, too. When they actually do manage to coordinate the blather with the pictures they point something out and it's under that bloody "WOW" developing news crap in the bottom third of the screen which takes up fully 1/5 of the screen.

Skeeter said...

Since they started running 24/7 flood coverage, the TV channels have missed a huge opportunity to do something useful.
They have captured and broadcast hours of video. But as far as providing information to people affected by the floods in a developing situation, it is useless unless it is overlaid with the locality, date and time.
Footage that is days old and from other localities, is interspersed with purportedly live footage of Brisbane. The talking head, more often than not, does not even know what suburb they are flying over.
It reminded me of early TV coverage of Royal Visits. The newly-promoted wireless announcers were desperate to avoid "dead air" and made sure their inane blather was continuous.
Then and now, watching this stuff becomes bearable and makes more sense if you mute the sound.

kae said...

The date/location ID idea is exactly the same whinge as I had to MDFD through this. The footage they're showing is of anything and everything spectacular.

They followed the bloody boardwalk all the way down the river for the duration today - boring!

How many times have we seen the boats crashing into the bridges? How many times have we seen the same loop of film of whatever spectacular thing which has happened in the past three or four days?

The reporter at Grantham rail bridge implied that there were bodies found, but there weren't.

Anonymous said...

"They followed the bloody boardwalk all the way down the river"

A studio bimbette pronounced it 300 metres long early in the day. A metrosexual microphone boy had it at 200 metres 8 hours later.

It must have shrunk in the cruel, cold, unforgiving-but-near-record-setting waters of the Brisbane River.

And now here's Bruiser Boxon with all the Sports News ...

Mick Gold Coast QLD

kae said...

Mick of GC
Not sure what's most annoying.

The bimbette mindlessly gushing about how many tweets she's done about the floods, because there's so much information to get out there....

Or Karl Stefanovic, who I thought had a brain, interpreting Anna bLIE's speech regarding the worst-case scenario preparation to cover all eventualities as "It's going to be bad, the government is planning for the worst, so it's going to be really bad". bLIE was preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.