Thursday, January 13, 2011

Six degrees....

I have just learnt that a work friend's son lost a mate in the Grantham flood. It was the Mum, stepdad and son in the house with the son on the phone to his aunty.


Mouldy said...

Hi Kae my sister lives on the GC and she just told me her workmate's cousin was number 13.
My sister's son works in the Bris CBD for the RSL,he lives in an inner suburb,he says his unit is surrounded by water but it hasn't got into their garage,though he was picked up by a chopper and taken to one of Brissie's hospitals to get their computers back up,he is an IT expert.

kae said...

I couldn't get to work on Tuesday, so stayed home (couldn't get off my estate).

The Uni sent out an email on Tuesday arvo saying that they were closing for Tuesday and Wednesday. Only essential staff (security and maintenance) would be available.

Email sent out on Wednesday said "Don't come to work/uni this week".

Email came out today saying "The University is Closed until next Thursday".

There are problems with water, electricity and IT stuff in St Lucia.

Merilyn said...

Read about that very tragic story yesterday Kae, it was very sad.
So many tragic stories, thoughts go out to all those effected.