Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gillard talks about the flood relief

Will someone please tie her f*king hands behind her back!


Anonymous said...

Better still.. would someone shove a sock in her bloody mouth.

Kills two birds with one stone.

Don't have to put up with her grating voice, or listen to the shit that she spouts.. :D


Anonymous said...

Kae, is your area alright?

You OK?


kae said...

I'm fine, I live on a hill. A high hill. But I can't get into town, not that I'd want to, it's flooded.

So, apart from running out of bread, and a slight webbing of my feet, I'm fine!

Minicapt said...

ATMs are a good source for bread around here ...


kae said...

Mini, I suspect that bread would be no good for toasting.

Wand said...

Will someone please tie her f*king hands behind her back!

Agreed - nice to see that you have retained your sense of humour and that you will remain dry. Just been watching the Ch 9 news about it all and Brisbane being inundated ... with still days to go. Say maybe the water will wash away the AGW zealots -- then again maybe not.
And it's the first time I've seen Anna Bligh without her sickly smile. So perhaps there are benefits in all of this.

Nilk said...

When stuff can get through again, let me know and I'll take up a collection. :)

Caz said...

Kae - yes!

Who the hell gave that woman lessons in public speaking and 'engaging the audience with appropriately placed, lady like gesticulations'.

FFS the bloody hands are now worse than the voice! Who thought such a day could come?

Kelly said...

Hi Kae, my mum lives near Laidley High on Alfred St. She is away and safe at the moment, but I have been trying to find info about if her place is in the flood zone. Do u know if that area is safe, she is realy worried as she has no insurance cover.

kae said...

Hi Kelly
If she's high and dry now she'll be OK. The water has gone down. I've taken photographs and hope to post them soon... struggling with labelling them.

The water was two shelves high in the IGA at the end of the Laidley Mall - it cam up to Kelli's Diner and was up two inches on the windows in the Laundromat at the back of the Foodworks.

Will post pictures soon as I get them labelled (lost some, too! Arrgh!!)

Anonymous said...

I believe that she was given public speaking classes by some ex opera singer and supposedly the reason for her "Jazz hands" is to stop her her pushing her neck forward when she speaks and so that her voice projects better or some such nonsense. I can't stand the Jazz hands - who are her advisors to let that go on??