Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not again!

Just zoomed into town as I fancy a bit of a roast for dinner. Rack of lamb. Needed decent spuds and some pumpkin.
The creek is up again, water over the bridge. The creek hasn't broken its banks yet, I asked how fast the creek was rising and noone could tell me.

I also bought some more rum to make my cakes as someone drank the stuff I had (it's OK, I went through my top shelf and had several drinks too!).

Today I went to Ippy to pick up my debit card, I misplaced the old one before Christmas. The card wasn't there but I received my pin the day before.

While at the shopping centre I took a few comparison pix for you to see from Monday last week when we went to Ipswich to take advantage of some specials.


ORPO1 said...

At least you are staying dry!

kae said...


It's still raining, I've just emptied the rain gauge and tipped out 64mm, 2 1/2 inches!

I'm over it now. But if the sun comes out it will be hot AND stinking humid.