Monday, February 7, 2011

$80B savings? My fat aunt!

Not a question about where this $80B saving was being made... or that the whole thing is cooked as it isn't revenue they already have!

SABRA LANE: The costs of Cyclone Yasi haven't been included in that bill of course and we have got continuing floods in Victoria and the bushfires in Western Australia, how much more money do you think you are going to have to find to pay for damaged infrastructure here?

WAYNE SWAN: Well, we'll have to take our time to get an accurate estimate. I've been in north Queensland and far north Queensland. I've seen the damage in places like Tully and Mission Beach. It is extraordinary so we've got to take our time to have a look at the size of the bill.

That's why we said when we announced the levy, as well as the savings some weeks ago what we had to do was to keep our finances in good shape because we didn't know what would be around the corner and of course we have now seen that even worse can happen.

That's just another reason why we need the levy but we've said then and we say it now, that we'll have to change priorities in the budget, we'll have to find further savings in the budget. In three budgets and two mid-year reviews we have already found and changed priorities in our budgets to the tune of $80 billion over that period of time and we'll have to do more, given the size of the damage that we're seeing in north Queensland and far north Queensland.
Read more of this adenoidal twerp here at AM today.


Merilyn said...

You are right Kae, this is total deception.

....and they keep a straight face when saying it.

Anonymous said...

Leave Wayney alone! I understand exactly where he's coming from.

I saved $1,500,000 six years ago by not buying an apartment in Q1, the most unprecedently tallestest residential building this side of Bouganville. Only because I am literally terrified of heights.

And just last year I saved another $2,500,000 by not buying an apartment in the 2010 version of Q1, "Soul" at Surfers Paradise. Because "Soul" is a silly name for a cold concrete structure.

See? $4 mill of financially responsible behaviour. Rubbing shoulders with The World's Greatest Treasurer, me.

Mick Gold Coast QLD

PS. When it rains a bit at Kae's, or the dogs get out, we get photos.

Something happened in Adelaide a few days back involving "a brothel owner, a man in a Fat Cat costume, methamphetamines, a police siege, Patsy Biscoe ... a shooting ... yoga classes" (Blair) and we didn't get so much as a freehand sketch from Merilyn!

Merilyn said...

.....and did you keep a straight face when you wrote that Mick?


Ian said...

The other day I saved $4.40 by walking home behind the Bus and bought myself a beer with the savings.

However today I am going to walk home behind a Limousine saving $300 and that means with the savings I can buy a bottle of Moet & Chandeon.

I can also probably get a job as an adviser to Labor Governments !

Merilyn said...

O'k, I lost the first lot here I go again. Mick I did make a comment, but most of the good lines had already been used.

Ian you would probably do a better job then the present mob.