Tuesday, February 8, 2011

123 Don't blame me!

I washed my car on Sunday – I thought I was going to die. The temp was over 36C and the humidity was about 68%, I thought that washing the car would cool me down. That was a mistake. All I succeeded in doing was raise a sweat which ran into my eyes and mouth and had me spitting a lot. I don’t know whether I was wetter from the car/hose or from sweat – I’ll blame sweat!

On Monday morning at about 5:10 I awoke from my slumber to a strange noise. The fan was on so the noise was faint.

Ahhh! Raining. It was raining. I have a trimdeck roof and an awning over the gable end window in the master bedroom, so that’s why I could faintly hear the rain over the sound of the super fan. I tried to doze off, but there was a flash, ah, storm.

When I climbed into the car to go to work that morning I realised that I had missed most of the passenger side of the windscreen in my washing, and should have given all the windows an extra rub. Nevermind, I’ll be able to do that later, and fill up the windscreen washer bottle.

It rained very little on Monday after the initial storm, which dumped a lot of water as it left big puddles and water on the road.

This morning I awoke to the sound of more rain. It seemed pretty wet outside. I faffed around at home, checked the net and the blogs I had a chance to check, played with the pooches and threw some bikkies to them.

Time to go to work, threw on some clothes, grabbed some food to take and shut up the house. I wondered what the rainfall was so thought I’d check the rain gauge.

Looking across to the rain gauge from the carport I thought “That’s funny. There’s has to be some rain in there, but it looks empty!” When I got closer I realised that it wasn’t empty, but almost full. There was 123mm in the gauge! That was in the storm early yesterday morning and the rain last night.

Because of the recent flooding and because the soils has only just started to dry out, I have a feeling that as it’s rained so much maybe there will be more flooding – there was three inches up the valley yesterday which means that the creek would have come up about 8 hours later, that would make it about midday to 1pm yesterday. No reports of this anywhere so I don’t know whether the creek came up.

Just because I washed my car.

Okay, further to the above. I’ve been nursing a tooth which has been giving me problems for about five years. It’s finally just about had it now. I went to the dentist today and it’s gotta come out. But not this week (isn’t a colonoscopy in the week enough to deal with?). I asked for antibiotics to calm it down and I’ve made an appointment to have it ripped out next Friday.


One more thing. The side of the tooth beside the one which needs to be removed has a cavity... Oh goodie.

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Merilyn said...

Washed the car eh? Now there's a clue will do that today to see if we can get a little bit more rain here.