Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hanging Abbott - MSM's favourite passtime

Tony Abbott can't do or say anything right. Anyone would think that he was the PM and the MSM was determined to destroy him.

Whenever anything is done or said about The Government which could be criticised the MSM seems to go to Abbott and ask him what he'd do, what his policies are... Hello? Tony Abbott is the leader of the opposition.

So, today's TEN Breaking News is that Tony insulted the memory of a Queensland soldier killed recently in Afghanistan. I've just read the article in the Hun and honestly, truly, the idiom used is one which is well understood by those in the services. That expression is used all the time. It's a way of coping with the awful things which cannot be changed, but which must be dealt with.

Bad shit happens when you are a soldier in a war zone. If the MSM doesn't get that, particularly the juvenile dope trying to put Abbott on the spot and receiving no reply, they should pack up their crayons and quit.

Here's Tim Blair's take on this lynching.

Update II:
Here's Andrew Bolt's take on it.


Merilyn said...

"He was discussing the incident with US Commander, James Creighton in October". The Seven Network went "looking" for the footage under freedom of information, why?
Who pointed them in that direction?
Remember there is an election on and the "Canberra press gallery's Labor cheer squad" [with thanks to Piers for that] is gunning for Abbott.
I am with Abbott on this one.
Let's not forget that Stokes channel seven's head honcho was given quite a tax break by Labor.
It seems to me and I could be wrong that this was a private conversation that was picked up by someone recording from a distance.
By the way he was correct in what he said. It does happen in a war zone.

Skeeter said...

Let's hope some really serious shit happens to guttersnipes Riley, Oakes and Ewart.

1735099 said...

The controversy about Abbott’s “Shit happens” remark is a beatup, although his weird reaction to it is probably newsworthy.
Frankly, the way the media handles politicians visiting war zones is a complete nonsense.
I remember a visit from Vince Gair in SVN when I was in 7 RAR. Apart from the sight of an overweight and pudgy gentleman wandering around our lines followed by (I think) one cameraman, it was a non event.
I remember thinking “What on earth is he doing here?”, and from memory, most of us shared the same thoughts. We generally thought the whole thing was, to put it crudely, a bit of a wank.
I vaguely remember Malcolm Fraser visiting as Minister for Defence, but I may be wrong.
Nothing seems to have changed, except the degree of hype involved.
I don’t doubt the good intentions of the politicians concerned (of all stripes) in showing support for the diggers, but if it’s the diggers they want to support, why do they need to have an army of hangers on making sure they’re seen in the best light back home?
The answer is of course, wrapped up in political popularity, but the sad thing about it is the way in which the diggers are used as political fodder in this enterprise.
I have a raw spot about this, given the way our service was treated when it was no longer politically popular. This treatment was also across the board, irrespective of party politics.
Here’s a thought.
How about banning the media from politicians visiting soldiers on operational duty?
The diggers would feel supported and valued, and the politicians would be freer to be themselves, and in a better position to learn something without media minders.
What do you reckon?

kae said...

Nothing weird about Abbott's reaction.

kae said...

And if I recall correctly there wasn't much publicity of Abbott's visit to Afghanistan.

The journo went looking for a story, apparently searching for footage of him firing a weapon.

Boy on a bike said...

If I was Abbott, I would have punched Riley's lights out.

Shit happens - a lot. That's why soldiers train and train and train and train.

Merilyn said...

Numbers Tony Abbott's "reaction" as you call it was not "weird", in fact he was very controlled and his response was even better, you have fallen for what the so called media wanted you to do, but given the way you lean that is no surprise.

1735099 said...

Look at the vid. Nodding without speaking for more than half a minute is weird.
As for "leaning", I express my opinion. There's nothing so boring as agreeing for the hell of it. Disagreement and dissent is at the heart of democracy.

stackja1945 said...

Riley's F***ed up and his critics are sh*t happening.

As the headline said Labor attack dogs off the leash and baying for blood http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/labor-attack-dogs-off-the-leash-and-baying-for-blood/story-e6frezz0-1225997647206

stackja1945 said...

Better phrase that better.
Riley's F***ed up and his supporters and Abbott critics are sh*t happening.