Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you write one letter of complaint per year, this is the one!

Support the Australian War Memorial.

Check it out at Caz' blog.


Caz said...

Thanks for the link Kae!

Doubt that it will make any difference to our economically challenged Federal Gov't, but it can't hurt to have a barrage of letters hitting their offices to know that this is something that matters to people.

Can you believe they've twice declined to give the Memorial $5M?

Infuriates me!

Gives a whole different spin to "penny wise, pound foolish" ... they're bloody neither!

Pedro the Ignorant said...


Very polite letter sent to Ms Wong, despite the fact that I am astonished that this clown has any say on funding something as historically and culturally important as the AWM.

Thanks Caz and Kae for bringing this to light.

I would launch into a rant about the cost of charter flights and bus tours from WA to NSW and return for some blow ins off the coast but the Red Cloud of Bloodshot Eyes has obscured the keyboard.

Merilyn said...

Will show this to Bob, he is pretty good at writing about this sort of thing. Pity Dad can't do it anymore.

Bob said...

Hi Kae, done Bob.