Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morrison's comments insensitive - it's never the right time

Scott Morrison spoke his mind and said what many other people are thinking about Australian taxpayers footing the bill for funerals and the attendance of relatives of the dead from interstate to attend the funerals in Sydney of illegal immigrants who died in a failed attempt to reach Christmas Island.

If we waited for the right time nothing would be said.

Ask someone who has waited for the right time to leave a bad relationship when "the right time" was. The usual answer is "Five years before I left". I think the same applies when we are talking of Government policy particularly that causing loss of life and waste of money.


stackja1945 said...

The thought police have taken control. Expect more boat crashes as it is the easiest way of getting to the Australian mainland. How many will now die? Expect the ALP media to keep blaming everybody except themselves.

fitzpatrickdanny said...
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kae said...

But danny, it was funny! I laughed.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Danny buys stuff on the internet - I told him commenting is not his job but he shoved his way to the front anyway.

Dunno how he did it - perhaps 'cos he lives on the laptop, but not this PC???

As it happens - it's clear the funerals were a stunt, as a precursor to Bowen's You WILL Love Illegals Commissariat (the only good thing about it is Kate Lundy will stuff it up). Dopey Joe Hockey made it easier for them on Tuesday then Morrison capitulated on Wednesday to make it easier squared.

Chuck in a crying kid and everyone goes to water. There is not one prepared to say the tears were caused by his own family, who tossed the dice and lost. Everyone else on the same boat has virtually won Lotto - work that out!

I do wish the Libs would accept Tony Abbott is leader, shunt buffoons like Hockey (who soooo wants vacuous Mel/Brave Warrior Koch's parishioners to love him) and traitorous quislings like Stumbull, and march forward decisively, dispassionately dissecting Labor's deceptions, unrelentingly. It can be done - Alan Jones and Laws in Sydney chipped away every day and got State Labor onto the back foot.

We live now in a state of acceptance of lies as legitimate in politics.

Even columnists like Bolt equivocate now, legitimising that which they should attack with a venom. I sense he's had the frighteners put on him, has found some uber-PC moderators and is incapable of handling the volume. He is no Mark Steyn or Michelle Malkin - they are always on the attack.

Labor deserves no quarter but they get a free pass to some greater or lesser degree every day. After their effort last week they should be reeling, but no.

Appointing two propaganda units this week is also ripe for a concerted bollocking, but no.


We have an option to live partly in my wife's remote island paradise and partly here. This mob's antics could well convert it to a compulsion.

Merilyn said...

Very well said Mick, agree with you.
Further remember there is THAT election going on in Sydney, so the media hounds will do anything to help the Labor Party, they are going after Abbott, instead of reporting all the failures of the past 16 years that have taken place in NSW.
The Labor cheer squad in Canberra, will NOT hear a bad word against their Julia no matter what. I am really starting to dislike that lady.

As for Bolt, there is something different about him this year, that I can't put my finger on.

Anonymous said...


A Bolt always was is and will be secret labor man.

Deeds speak louder than words.

stackja1945 said...

A Bolt is a journalist!