Sunday, February 13, 2011

Insiders - 13/2/11

Will the discussion be on the disgraceful behaviour of Mark Riley, Seven and the MSM this week in trying to blacken the name of Tony Abbott?

Julia cries at the condolence motion....

And now we go to Barrie and it's on about Abbott and the Riley ambush.

Riley still needs his backside kicked.

But they focus on Tony's silence.

And Riley defending himself by saying that it wasn't an ambush, and he gave Tony Abbott the questions.

Annabelle's hair... busy with a baby, no time to brush... (sorry)

Program guest is Tony Windbag. Yawn.

...I gave up paying too much attention, whey they said the story of the Abbott ambush was his silence... WTF?


stackja1945 said...

ALP again. New name Backsider?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Andrew bothers?

Does he need the publicity this badly?


kae said...

Same-old same-old.

Perhaps he thinks that someone has to be there to defend the other side... I doubt it makes a difference either way, too many people who watch the program are of like mind with the leftists given voice there, they just love the sound of consensus.

Anonymous said...

kae, "defend the other side"?
fat chance he has.
Did you listen this morning?

It was all about bashing the coalition and Abbott.
When he tried to raise the issue of gov. failure he was silenced by Barry.

Fair enough, I did not hear what Mr Marr said because I muted the sound when he spoooke, but I think he wouldn't have agreed with Andrew.

A nonymous.

kae said...

A nonymous

I'm still stunned that the story went from Abbott's (set up) disrespectful words about a dead Australian solider to his lack of words during the attempted gotcha.

As Bolt said, the story is that journalism has sunk so low as to set someone up to make a story to discredit them, but hardly any journalists have expressed disdain at Riley’s report... and some of those who have passed comment about the gotcha and voiced their mild disagreement with Riley's method have then said that the real story, the real disgrace of the story, is that Abbott was rendered speechless by the gotcha.

Now that makes me think that they are all the same in their bias for the ALP and against the Coalition.

And too many voters only see what the journalists present to them, and don't have the nous to question the legitimacy of what is reported to them.

Merilyn said...

Been thinking about that "silence", and the way the media have portrayed it, and wonder if what they really wanted was for Abbott to "deck" him, so that then they could all "crow see we told you he had a short fuse, therefore he is unsuitable to lead this country".
The way Abbott treated Riley, was the right way, with contempt.

kae said...

Me too, Merilyn.
I think that Abbott was so shocked with the implication that he could say something disrespectful or denigrate our military, let alone a fallen soldier, had him speechless with shock. Julie Bishop and others said the same thing.
I understand the reaction. It has been mine on a few occasions when I've been accused of doing/saying something that I would never do/say. In admitting that, I must add that it may or may not be accompanied by white-hot fury, which it is best to keep quiet under!

Wand said...

The whole thing was a bore from the usual ALP cheer squad. I note that Andrew was sitting on the right, in his old favourite place away from the two couch potatoes, but I was disappointed that he didn't mention what was shown by the 20 seconds or so of the tape after Abbott said "shit happens." It showed the Army officers agreeing with Abbott. At least bolta was right about the wide spread public reaction against Channel 7.

And bolts was right about the program having nothing to say about government follies over the week .. situation normal I suppose.

And here's another story for the record. During the week Kristina Keneally was at the National Press Club and I happened to see part of the tv broadcast. One question to Keneally was about the sale of the State's electricity assets (which is actually a debacle). Anyway Keaneally bleated out her government line and at the end of her answer a large number of the people present applauded! I don't know if any were journalists but I'd have to guess so because of their proximity to the speaker's rostrum. (I suppose people other than journalists may be able to attend the press club). I have never seen such an open display of partisan support -- have now I suppose and always have known of media bias. If they were any further left they would fall over.

stackja1945 said...

Dam release won't flood Brisbane: minister
Trust us says the ALP.