Sunday, February 20, 2011

Insiders 20FEB11

Sara Helter-Skelter is the guest green lefty.

The intro to the show is about the only thing which happened this week, the funeral and the nine year old orphan.


There are nine year old Australian orphans who get bugger all from the government, there are plenty of kids in care of grandparents who get bugger all fromthe government.

There were some people interviewed/recorded who seem quite close to the edge of sanity in their defence of the boat people "Haven't they suffered enough?". Well, how about you pay for the funeral flights etc.? None so blind. As the old saying is, they bought their tickets....

They're going to hang Morrison, and the Libs, and elevate the ALP.

I hate the MSM in Aus. They're pointless and useless. They don't report the facts, they aren't impartial.

I'm going to read the papers...

Headline on today's Courier Mail makes me sick. Bligh at 60% popularity.

I'm going to be sick.

For Merilyn

A Galaxy poll, conducted exclusively for The Sunday Mail, reveals the Premier's satisfaction rating has soared from a perilous 25 per cent at the depths of the controversial asset sell-off before Christmas to 60 per cent now.
Read it and weep... at the stupid!


Merilyn said...

60%????? Where on earth did they get that number from?

stackja1945 said...

Outsiders and journalist's live in their own world.
Bligh thanks to MSM is a silk purse from a sow's eye.

Merilyn said...

Thanks Kae for the update, have to go with the comment from one of them "That people have very short memories".

Carpe Jugulum said...

Anna Bliar at 60%???????

*bangs head on desk*

The sooner Floyd takes over the world the better. XD