Friday, March 4, 2011

Epic. Fail.

Phone book delivery:
Why? > > > look
Four inches of rain (two dumped in a storm after delivery).
I can't get the phone book out of that.

30mm of rain today (remember 25mm is an inch).


Minicapt said...

High Explosive is always an answer.


Ian said...

Damm that looks annoying! Can only suggest using a water pistol or syringe full of dish washing liquid, squirting it in through the gaps and using a lump of wood and a rubber mallet to knock it out.

kae said...

Mini & Ian
High explosive, wood, rubber mallet and soap enema... if only I could find the culprit...

Skeeter said...

Kae, at least the culprit tried to get it into your letter box.
We have a 200-litre drum as our rural letter box. Instead of a slot for letters, it has an opening large enough to take Australia Post's largest package.
It is arranged so that the Postie can place letters and packages in it without getting out of his car.
None of that stops those that deliver our phone books from hurling them onto the grass as they drive past at 50 kph.

Anonymous said...

the only practical way I see is to use a hook and drag enough pages out of the middle to loosen it up.
You will of course lose the book, needless to say.

Good luck with it.

Merilyn said...

When you do get the phone book out, take it to the local post office and get another one......No Kae you can't do that.......!!!

Skeeter said...

Kae, If you can't get the books out of the tube in readable condition, you can ring 1800 810 211, tell them what has happened and they will send you replacement books. (Page 19 in White Pages).

cav said...

Make sure you get the old book out so they have somewhere to stick the new book

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

I've got a mate who reckons there's nothing an angle grinder (the most dangerous hand tool known to man) cannot dislodge - in this case screaming its murderous incision along the length of the cylinder.

But then you'd have to endure his dissertation on the comparative qualities of different metals and his admiration of the quality of the soldered joint he'd create to put it back together.

Alternatively you could hire in a sky hook to give it a solid reef to make it come free; or a left handed screwdriver.

It also occurs to me that you could dig up the whole letterbox with a backhoe, turn it laterally, give it a light tap on the bitumen there (that'd be a two man job, for execution of a decent synchronised tap) and "gloooop", out she'd pop.

And how about the heat and metal expansion solution? A few leaves, twigs, tree branches and a nice dry log around the base of the letterbox, a glug or two of kero and you've got a fire. An hour or two later the theory is that the metal has expanded a bit and you can simply pull the thing through. You'd be up for a can of Solpah, though, to paint it up in that nice green colour again.

I do hope, kae, this has helped ....

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Incidentally - anytime a fire is required you need to have a few blokes over to keep an eye on it and to assist with the complex task at hand.

Mid afternoon is good, because then they'd be able to chuck in a steak and a couple of snags to rejuvinate themselves after the intellectual effort standing around planning the operation, and the physical effort of advising the youngest attendees as they perform it.

You'd need to shift a few things around in your fridge, just in case they bring a cool beer or two with them.

kc said...

I vote for Mick's 'solution.' Not because it'd WORK,but because it'd be the most damn fun!