Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"I'm all right Jack", says Dick Smith

This* was dragged up in the 9 News tonight.

Dick Smith's million dollar challenge, he wants someone under 30 to come up with some ideas to make the world more sustainable. He blathered about rampant consumerism, this millionaire as his enormous, and no doubt very expensive, personal helicopter was towed into its hangar.

Yeah, Dick. You can piss on the fire, your toast is cooked. How did you make your millions - so it wasn't rampant consumerism?

*And reading that Singo's not much better.
I have a population plan. Shut the friggin door to all and any who won't fit in.

I've put paragraphs in this but the formatting is mucking up. Sorry!


Merilyn said...

Why does the word hypocritical always spring to mind when Dick Smith's and Ross Garnaut's names come up?

stackja1945 said...

John Singleton does much with unpublicised charity donations.