Sunday, March 6, 2011

insiders 6MAR11


Listening to supposed commentary cartoonists laughing at their own lame jokes is not funny. It's a bit like the pathetic efforts on commercial morning radio. They aren't funny, either.

Obviously the pair of wankers on Insiders thismorning can afford* to pay heaps more for everything, including their fruit and veg. Ha, ha, ha. Funny joke that.

*they're being paid too much!


cav said...

Any current affairs on ABC, or any other station, where everyone agrees with each other is not on for me.

I what the issues debated, that is, where ALL opinions are canvassed and discussed, not just those of the lefty media.

1735099 said...

Your calendar's slow.
It's March already.....

"I what the issues debated"
On the turps again - and it's only 3pm....

kae said...


Not the calendar that's slow... it's all a blur at the moment!

cav said...

I'm trying to loose some weight and my brain isn't functioning right - no Bundy for nearly FOUR WEEKS!

1735099 said...

It's the Coke that does the damage, the Bundy's medicinal.