Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vale Elizabeth Taylor

You and I will grow old.

There will be no lasting record of our youth, beauty, talent, wit, skill.

We will always have the movies of Elizabeth Taylor.


Stevo said...

watching now butterfield 8 on the telly ... after cat on a hot tin roof on gem channel ... she was the angelina jolie times many of her day ... i remember now that i disdained her publicity in later times, but enjoyed her great performances in that era.

ORPO1 said...

Gonna miss her. Yup.
When I was eleven she had me utterly spellbound in Cleopatra.
Probably the Most Beautiful Woman in the history of the Civilized World.

missred said...

i remember the frilly blouse she wore that made headlines... i wanted one. i think i was 10. i may have actually got one to wear. my mother was none the wiser
she was the beauty of the day (before the scandal of richard)